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POPULIST talks about the rise of the populist party from the perspective of a blue collar worker upset with monopolies.

I might be populist

I know this country is monopolist

We have your confidence

For a new metropolis

If you’re a populist


I can tell you right now

This the gilded age

I can barely get by

All I do is pray

Maybe they should introduce a minimum wage

I think that I can deduce

I ain’t getting paid

I wish I was Carnegie

So I could practice philanthropy

They just did a strike

He sent an army

So what are his plans for me


And don’t get me started on the bosses

Political machines just taking office

I might ask a favor from Boss Tweed

He can pay for a vote

That’s democracy


I might need a populist

There’s a need for options

I’m a blue collar

Looking to make some dollars

Monopolist - During the gilded age monopolies took hold and decimated the blue collar worker.

Boss Tweed - Boss Tweed was a political "boss", who used favors to rig elections for his personal benefit.​\

Blue Collar - The "everyday worker" of Gilded Age America, and the primary members of the Populist movement.



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