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EMANCIPATION discusses the lasting influence of Black lives in America, and the injustices that the Black population faces today.

It’s really crazy

Lately history just been lazy

Repeating over and over on the daily



Didn’t help the situation

Focused on discrimination

Every man created equal

Just look at the declaration

History still the same

Dealing with a separation

It’s crazy

History repeating on the daily

History repeating on the




Lemme take y’all back

Lemme show you numbers

Let me show you facts

History doesn’t seem

To like you if you Black

So Ima try to put an end to that


Ima tell you bout the great people of color

History is always tryna go and push them under

America for the brave, land of the free

If you’re in a rich family


Now there was Tubman

She was the greatest

Then there was Douglass

He became famous

Sojourner Truth

Couldn’t deal with no racist

She wanted to prove

That all this was outrageous


And there was Martin

He was a king

And there was Malcolm

He would make em sting

If you look at history

Take a look and you’ll see

That Black lives made everything

Emancipation Proclamation A presidential proclamation and issued by United States President Abraham Lincoln  to end slavery in the United States.

Harriet Tubman - An American abolitionist and political activist who guided trips on the Underground Railroad to free slaves in the south.

Sojourner Truth - An American abolitionist and women's rights activist, and the first Black woman to beat a white man in court.

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