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COMING HOME describes a soldier telling his story after the end of World War II, with hints to key points for the allied forces and locations in the war sprinkled into the song.



Cause I’m veteran status

I done fought so many times, I use battles for practice

I’m a US soldier, coming out of Dallas

I never thought that I would get to see the Saxon Palace

I been through too much

Killed to many men

Lost to many friends

But don’t worry

I’m coming home to you

I’m coming home

You can call me on my phone

No more letters

Saying if I die it’s for the better

I’m coming home

I’m sure by now you already know

Newspapers writing

An end to the fighting



And now that it’s all over I can tell you all the facts

I went to D-Day, stormed France, and other attacks

They had us at Dunkirk

Yeah they pushed us back

But then there was Churchill

Kept us on our track

I was on the front lines

Storming Berlin

I raised the flag

To announce we would win

Cause it’s V-Day victory

Coming home again

Fought to many times

And I’ve killed to many men

But I’m a sole survivor

Deploy ships and planes, but I’m the fighter

I went from D-Day

Right up to V-Day

And I’m a menace with a weapon

But I’m gonna leave

I hope that I don’t get any more PTSD

Coming back to my front door

Coming back from this dumb war

Saxon Palace - One of the most distinctive locations in prewar Warsaw, Poland, destroyed in World War 2 and never rebuilt.

D-Day - A coastal invasion of the Axis-controlled French coast, mounted on the 6th of June, 1944.

V-Day - May 8th, 1945, commemorating the surrender of Nazi Germany. 




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